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You Are Not Alone

Grieving is a normal, although often misunderstood, reaction to the loss of a beloved pet or animal friend. Animals are a part of our lives and a part of our families. When we lose our animal companion, we may experience many different emotions, including sadness, helplessness, loneliness and guilt. The grieving process differs from one individual to another in terms of the nature of each person’s feelings, their intensity and how long they last.

Pet Loss Grief Support is a website that provides information and acceptance of your feelings of sadness and loss and your memories of your beloved pet. It is a resource for you to understand the process of grieving and to help you heal.  We recognize that the healing process is unique and different for each individual and we hope you will find comfort in the information, suggestions, and ideas we provide.  

You are invited to post a memorial to your beloved animal on our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/PetLossServices), which is, of course, free of charge.  You may visit your post whenever you wish and you may invite family and friends to see what you have posted. 

Pet Loss Grief Support

Topics covered within this website include:

  • Why Our Pets Are So Special
  • Understanding Grief and Loss
  • Myths and Facts about Grieving for Your Pet
  • Nearing the End of Your Pet’s Life
  • Path to Healing
  • Ideas for memorializing a loved animal
  • Decisions about ending the life of a pet
  • Resources for coping & healing

 Individualized Support

If you find your grief overwhelming and would like individual support, the therapists at Associates in Health Psychology (AHP) are experts in grief and loss. If you would like to meet individually with Dr. Jacobs, or one of the other grief and loss specialists at AHP for help in coping with your loss, call  the office at (302) 428-0205, Extension 0 to arrange a consultation.  Offices are conveniently located in North Wilmington and Newark, Delaware.  To learn more about Dr. Jacobs, the Director of the practice, and other services offered through Associates in Health Psychology, please visit their website.