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Memorializing a Loved Animal

A memorial pays tribute to the life of a beloved animal who has been an important part of your life. It should not, however, become a shrine focused on death and loss.

A memorial may be personal and private or it may be shared.

A memorial service is a celebration of love, companionship and joyful memories of your pet. It can be formal or informal. It may be attended by family and friends who loved the animal or who love you.

A memorial may be something you create:

  • A scrapbook, photo album or memory box
  • Writing about your pet and your relationship in a poem, a eulogy or a letter to your pet
  • Art

A memorial may be something you do:

  • Volunteer for an organization which has a meaningful connection to your pet.
  • Donate in your pet’s name to an appropriate charity.

A memorial may be a commercial object:

  • Memorial stone in yard
  • Indoor or outdoor sculpture
  • Items showing the pet’s breed or pet’s photo (mugs, magnets, etc)

A memorial is often a step along the Path to Healing.

We encourage you to visit our Pet Loss Services Facebook page to connect with others who have lost a beloved animal, to share stories and to upload photos of your beloved pet.